PLUS Group Homes is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit agency which has been in existence for more than 30 years. It began as a vision, originating from parents who had children who were suffering with developmental disabilities. Some had children who were placed in large, warehouse-style institutions and were not satisfied with the quality of care while others had their children living at home with them and were concerned over who would care for their loved one when they could no longer do so. This core group of parents dedicated themselves to establishing an agency whose mission it would be to provide housing and essential services to adults with autism within communities in Nassau County, N.Y. The goal was to provide relief from the isolated, cumbersome developmental and psychiatric centers by offering person-specific treatment in socially integrated one-family style homes. The vision of the founders has not only been brought to fruition but has surpassed the wildest dreams of all with the provision of superior care being provided on a daily basis by dedicated, caring staff people and the associated progress, opportunities and overall quality of life of consumers evolving in an ever-increasing way. 

PLUS Group Homes began initially, in the early years, with the development and opening of three ICF's. These were located in Uniondale, Merrick and Levittown. This series of openings was followed, approximately 15 years later, with the development of two IRA's which were located in East Meadow and Seaford and afterwards with the opening of IRA's in Massapequa and Levittown. We currently serve 48 consumers with the addition of 6 more expected in 2011 as another IRA is being planned to open in Levittown.