Housing- Person-centered treatment and care is provided in residential homes (both ICF's & IRA's) in communities in Nassau County. These NY State certified sites provide 24 hour staffing and supervision.

Medical Care- Nursing care is provided, as indicated, by both RN's and LPN's while physician-required services are effected by transporting to both private practice and facility providers and settings. 

Psychiatric Care- A psychiatrist performs evaluations and assessments on site and monitors medication usage. PLUS also utilizes experienced behavior specialists to devise treatment plans and to promote proper implementation of such. 

Counseling- For those who are verbal and who exhibit the potential to benefit from talk therapy counseling services are provided on-site. 

Recreation- All consumers are offered opportunities to grow from positive experiences in the community. Our recreation therapist develops monthly plans of events to attend and evaluates with the clinical team which consumers would benefit from the specific offerings/opportunities. Major trips are also planned for those desiring to go. 

Fitness Program- PLUS has partnered with a fitness training entity, Top Shelf Fitness, to provide fitness certified trainers to consumers on a twice-weekly basis at our site. The training is personalized as each consumer who participates has been evaluated and has a plan developed specifically for them. Our Uniondale house has all of the required equipment at its location. 

Service Coordination- This service entails providing assistance and oversight pertaining to supports and services which consumers desire and require. An LCSW-R has the responsibility of developing the necessary ISP which is based upon the individualized-approach and strengths concept. 

Social Work- Our social worker ensures that all consumers maintain their Medicaid eligibility. 

Art and Music Therapy- These therapies are available to any and all consumers who desire to participate. These modes of communication and expression are especially valuable to those who have little, or no, verbal abilities. 

Nutrition- A master's level nutritionist attends our clinical meetings on-site to oversee the eating habits and nutritional needs of our consumers.