Dedicated and caring professionals.



Our staff are an integral part of our community.


Executive Director
Director of Residential Services
Assistant to the Executive Director
Program Coordinator

For career opportunities contact

Teresa Cancilla R.N.
Maria Rogowski
Natouchka Voigt

Richard Maiorella

Nagee McPhaul Guerrier

Kelly Chew



Board of Directors


Recording Secretary
Claude Mangum, PH.D.

Phillip Smith, ED.D.
Sara Baker
Yvonne Laubis
Champshi Dedhiya
Donna LoDuca

Jayne Ibrahim,

Heidi Sanft

Willene Jacobs

In Memoriam

Herbert Dorfman
Saul Karnette
James Lynch, M.D.
Leon Sekur
Sandra Sekur
Arvell Shaw
Madeleine Shaw (President Emeritus)
William Spinrad, PH.D.


Advisory Board


Kenneth Kaufman, PH.D.
Charles Robert, ESQ